Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cat Eyed Sunnies

 I have no shame in admitting the only reason I have been watching American Idol this season is to see what JLo will be wearing each episode. The hair, the make up, the clothes; she always looks flawless. I noticed her wearing these Stella McCartney cat-eyed sunnies and I am on the search for the perfect pair. Here are a few options I found...
Cat Eyed Sunnies

Tom Ford Cat-eye frame acetate sunglasses, $360


  1. These are slowing starting to wear on me. And isn't Jennifer so beautiful?! I love her

    xo Marcie
    ps- stop by tomorrow, I am hosting my first giveaway ever and it is L'Occatine :)

  2. they are all so fab
    I like the Alexander Wang shades
    they look so fun =)


  3. I love this style of sunnies but i think is hard to look good with them. Well, J.lo looks great, why we can`t?

  4. I actually really liked these :)
    such a useful post!! x

  5. Great choices! Ray Ban has a cats eye sunnies I have been drooling over for about a year now :)



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