Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Met Gala 2011 Gowns

 {# 1 Jennifer Lopez in Gucci}
 {# 2 Beyonce in Pucci}
 {# 3 Ginnifer Goodwin in Topshop, YES, TOPSHOP!}
 {# 4 Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen}
{# 5 Eva Mendes in Stella McCartney}


  1. i'm not sure about beyonce, hmmmmm...but eva is my fave!

  2. Hello there lady! Hope the stress is past you now that the cake pop making days are behind you! I know what its like, and it's not fun! I've been so busy I havent even seen any of these pics from the Met- and it's already been a few days! Anyways I loooove Jen Goodwin, and J.Lo...ehhh not sure about B though.

    Take care, have a great weekend! and p.s did you ever get the Elephant tea pot, I saw it in person and wasn't as thrilled as I thought I'd be- but I did fall in love with the Morrocan tea glasses!
    xo Carlina


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