Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Accents

{Skurar Plant Pot - Ikea - For only $6 you transform any house plant with this dainty planter}
Whenever I feel a room in our apartment needs a little pick me up I always look for new accent pieces. You don't need to redecorate an entire room to change it up a bit. The smallest of accessories can make a big impact.  Here are a few accessories to help rejuvenate your home...
{Scroll Chalkboard Decal - JC Penney - Great for shopping reminders}
{Color Pencil and Brass Holder Set - Jayson Home & Garden - Decorative and functional all at the same time.}
{Vaseline Cake Stand - Fishes Eddy - Displaying freshly baked goods on this stand will become a conversation piece.}
{Monogrammed Recipe Cards and Box by Dabney Lee - Bloomingdale's - These personalized recipe cards will look pretty on your counter top.}
{Windsor Love Seat - Anthropologie has done it again with this gorgeous ombre bench.}
For further info on all items featured click here.

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