Thursday, October 20, 2011

Current Favorite Beauty Buys

 I've heard nothing but good things about L'Oreal's Elnett hairspray, but I was a little apprehensive about spending $13 on hairspray. When it comes to beauty products I'd much rather take the bargain route. I finally broke down and bought it and I LOVE IT!!! Seriously, the best stuff ever. It keeps the hold without being super sticking and making you look like a helmet head.

 I had a set of these large velcro rollers by Goody back in the day. Now that my hair is getting longer I can actually use them again. They are excellent for creating volume.

 I am crazy about this foundation brush by Posh. Unlike many others it doesn't leave a streaky finish, blends very nicely and leaves you with flawless coverage.

 This Super Skinny Marker by NYX is currently my favorite liquid liner. You can create an ultra thin line or keep building upon it to create a sexy cat eye. It's super easy to use.

Cover Girl's Hot Passion lipstick with a touch of Revlon's Fire lipgloss on the center of the lower lip. Perfect colors for a classic red pout.

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