Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blogger Care Package Swap

I particpated in a blogger care package swap started by Lynzy of the awesome blog From Skirts to Skillets along with fellow blogger Jemima.  The theme of the swap was floral.  The lovely, Ediot was my care package partner.  She gave me this really cute floral dress...

If you would like to see what I gave her check out her blog here.
Thanks again, Ediot! ; )
On a side note Chris (my hubster) suprised me with this PooLovesBoo piece when I got home from work yesterday.  Gotta love him!


  1. I am loving that floral dress, looks great on you!!
    xo Lynzy
    Don't forget to enter to win an OufiLondon Leather handbag!

  2. Aaaah this is such a lovely idea and I love how you styled everything : ) xxx

  3. I love this idea! You look amazing in that dress and I love the way you paired it with the rustic belt and denim jacket. And how sweet of your husband!!! What a great gift.


  4. I love you dress, it's so bright and fun!

  5. What a beautiful dress!:D I like the colors and what a perfect match with the light wash denim jacket!:D

    Happy Wednesday!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  6. That dress is amazing! Love it belted, with the denim jacket. Damn good trade, if I do say so myself! :)

    chloe **

  7. Hey there you little hot mamma... mmm mmm mmm!!! Cant wait for you to get home and....
    Im very proud of you Poo! Your my dream girl and you always will be you gorgeous woman you!
    I find you more and more attractive every day!!! Your beautiful.

    Love you always,
    Your Hubbie!!!

  8. lovely outfit!
    the dress is so cute
    and the pictures are cool

  9. Great pictures and dress! I love it with the jacket!

  10. Aww what a cute dress!! and love your hair :)

  11. That is such a cute dress...You look beautiful:)..Kisses,sweetie

  12. Tights are the best staple for fall - I actually can't wait to get them out lol
    Great post :)

  13. your dress is so cute
    a very nice care package =)



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