Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Creative Grove Artist Market

Last week my hubby, Chris was one of the participating artists in the Creative Grove Artist Market.  He along with other artists displayed their handmade works.  There was also live music, break dancing, and hoola hooping.
{Handmade Earrings by Quran Oliver}
{Quran pictured on the left.  For more info on her handmade custom designed earrings email her at or find her on Facebook/Quran Oliver}
{The hubster at his table}
{Chris and his friend Q have a t-shirt line called A.R.T. Fundamentals.  Girls shirts coming soon!}
{The artist hard at work}
{Chris' "Can U Dig It" collection.  For further info visit his blog here.}


  1. Btw: I have to show those boy tees to Balazs, he will love them:)

  2. Ahhh where is my first comment?..Hmmm...anyway...

    I said that I really love events like that and it looks and sounds like so much fun!!!

    Kisses,sweetie and have a great day

    Ps: I am having a really great GIVEAWAY today…hint?(something you can wear) so please join in !!!!

  3. This looks like such a fun -- and creative -- event!
    I love all the colors your guy uses in his art -- keep us posted re the girly shirts!

  4. Those custom Spray cans are awesome... There is a movie due out in the UK soon made by banksy who's one of the coolest street artists of our time. Just thought I'd share :-)

  5. ooh very cool
    can't wait to see the tees for girls =)


  6. Those t-shirts would be so nice for my brother!:D

    Thanks for sharing these pictures, looks like a fun day!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  7. I just love love markets/fairs they are too much fun. Between all the fun items you can find and the amazing food! AWW :)
    xo Lynzy

  8. Thanks for posting the pictures Poo! I had a great day down there with you!!! I love you... keep doing it girl.

    love you always,

    Your Hubby

  9. Like this kind of events
    Great shots


  10. Thanks for sharing the photos of the fair, it looked so fun. Love the shirts, your hubby has style!!

  11. This looks like such a great event. I love the bottles.

  12. Erica, your husband is so talented! Those t-shirts are awesome! What a cool event.


  13. Wanna say Thankyou to Erica and the Hubby it was nice to meet you guys At the Creative Grove Artist Market in Jersey City, N.J keep doing yall thing. Great shots of my Earrings and thanks for the shout out! BTW keep me posted on the girl tees ; )

    ; )
    Original Ears.

  14. Ooh I love these kind of events..handmade stuff really fascinates me..I spend so much time on Etsy!! Where was this event held btw?

  15. Your husband's work is so cool! If I were a dude, I'd be all about those t-shirts!!!

  16. It looks amazing - your husband's work is stunning :)

  17. Wow, hes really talented hun! xxx

  18. i was going to say i loved the tshirts!!!


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