Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jillian's Little Lamb Baby Shower

This past weekend my mother, sister and I hosted my sister Jillian's baby shower.  We chose a little lamb theme.  The color scheme was pistachio and light yellow with baby pink accents.  A lot of work and love went into making this day very special for Jill.  I think it's safe to say it was a success.  All pictures were taken by me with the exception of the above picture.  Which was taken by the lovely Naty.  Seriously, how gorgeous does my sister look?!?  If I look half as good as her when I am eight months pregnant I will be one happy camper.  Love you, sister!

{the delicious Dominican cake made by Jill's boyfriend's mom}
{the tasty treats table}
{homemade pastel rainbow cupcakes}
{paper poms ordered from Etsy}


  1. She looks beautiful and so so so happy! You did so well..I love the decorations and the cake had to be very yummy:) Glad you had fun...When is the baby coming? Hugs,sweetie

  2. the desserts look amazing. what a beautiful shower!

    xx a j

  3. she looks great!!!! and everythign is so cute :) wanna throw mine someday?? :)

  4. how cute! it looks totally magical!!


  5. very nice! you should be a party planner!

  6. you did an amazing job! I loved everything. You definitely need to start your own business asap!

  7. LOVED it all!! you did such a fab job!!

  8. everything looks so nice
    the cake is very pretty and ornate
    and your sister is fab!!!!!
    she looks beautiful <3


  9. She looks beautiful and radiant!:D

    You all did a great job, the decorations are so cute!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  10. That cake is stunning! Looks like a great baby shower!

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