Monday, November 29, 2010

The Half-Moon Mani

The half-moon manicure dates back to the 1920s.  The look involves reversing the traditional French Manicure.  Instead of white tips, the inner half moon shape at the base of your nail is white or left bare.  This look is most often worn by Dita Von Teese.  You can make your own rules and use any color you would like.  Check out these color combos...
I am LOVING this look.  What are your thoughts on it?
For a tutorial on how to create this classic look click here.


  1. oooh - i like! i feel like my nails aren't pretty or long enough for that, though.. love the last look!

  2. aww.. i love the look...reminds me of my grandma though..she had them done like this all the time, with the pearl and red.
    I like that last look though. I actually have the OPI color on...with the half moon it looks nice :)

  3. i did this mani about 2 months ago. it was really easy, i used the tab reinforcers for like dividers, those sticky things. lol. i should have taken a picture.

  4. I love this look. An acrylic nail works well as a guide I've found. I suck at doing anything like this freehand.

  5. Love this!! I was actually thinking of getting one this week!!


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