Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cornbread Stuffing & Mac and Cheese: A Thanksgiving Tradition

Every Thanksgiving I am in charge of making the cornbread stuffing and mac & cheese for the gathering at my mom's house. This is tradition and non-negotiable.  These accompaniments are expected at the table every year. This year I am changing things up just a bit. I am swapping sausage for bacon in the cornbread stuffing as seen here and using a new recipe for the macaroni and cheese. No, worries I have tested it and it is the BEST I have ever made. Are there any dishes you are in charge of making/expected to make for Thanksgiving?
images via Epicurious & Smitten Kitchen


  1. I am always on stuffing and mac and cheese detail as well :) They are my fave Thanksgiving dishes by far, yum!


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