Friday, January 20, 2012

Eye Candy of The Week

{a half moon mani & some red lipstick are perfect for adding drama to your ensemble}
I'm happy that the weekend is here, but not so happy about that fact that I have to get two wisdom teeth pulled out today.  The next couple of days will consist of relaxing, some Netflix, and a nice, comforting batch of lentil soup.  Have a great weekend!
 {so pretty and sophisticated}
 {seeing stars and loving it}
 {in love with this burgundy leather skirt; on a side note how cute is Michelle Williams?!}
{I have a feeling mint will be my go to color come springtime}
Images via Karla's Closet, Cheetah is The New Black, Fashion Zen, Popsugar, & Ring My Bell


  1. feel better darling - sleep the pain away! - i had 6 - yes 6 wisdom teeth pulled in high school!

  2. Sorry about your wisdom teeth, I'm sure you will heal quickly after a few days of rest. Love your inspiration choices, the star dress is my favorite.

  3. I love the mint colored pants! I definitely want to buy tons of mint this spring :) Hope you're feeling ok after the wisdom teeth.. that's rough.


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