Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Josiah!

Time truly does fly. A year ago today we remember waiting patiently in the hospital for your arrival and now look at you, you're the big 0-1! You are an adorable, sweet, lovable little man that brings so much happiness to us all. We are honored to call you our Godchild and will continue to help guide you in the right path throughout your life. We love you so much. May God always bless you and watch over you. Happy Birthday!

Love always,
Tio Chris and Titi Erica (sorry but madrino and madrina sounds too serious)


  1. Okay, this has me in tears. It's a bitter-sweet feeling for Ben and I. Bitter because we miss holding him in our arms and miss all the cute face expressions he used to make. Sweet because he's gotten so big, smart, handsome,loving and has all these great qualities. We love you guys and are blessed to have yous in our lifes.
    Translation: Thank you, Tiit and Tio! I Love you so much!


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