Monday, April 16, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

{started off the weekend with some Pink Moscato}
I'm back! Just needed to take a little personal time away from blogging.
Anyhow, I'd like to refer to this past weekend as "foodie weekend". I was surrounded by delicious food and wonderful company. Here are a few shots of the festivities....
 {enjoyed an early morning breakfast at the Rutherford Pancake House with Chris}
 {celebrated my brother-in-law, Ben's bday at the AMAZING 5 Napkin Burger}
 {made a mixed green, tomato, avocado, and feta salad, with lemon vinagrette}
{helped make Sunday lunch at my mom's house}


  1. Do you really cook in heels and all dress up? LOL ...Love it!!!

  2. June, we just got out of church so yes, I was wearing heels while cooking ; )


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