Monday, April 30, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

 {used 5 different hues on my mani this weekend then the hubs made it over the top beautiful w/a nail polish pen}
It's the weekends that are not planned ahead of time that are usually the best. This was one of those. Here's a peek into what went down...

 {had an impromptu brunch at my apt with my sisters on Saturday}

 {went to an art show/t-shirt line launch - btw, if I knew how to ride a skateboard this one would be mine}
 {had to pose with an Element Tree sticker we spotted on a Starbucks run}

{enjoyed a delicious lunch with my family on Sunday}


  1. wow, awesome! Glad to have been a part of the sunday lunch. it was delicious!!! so nice to see you girls

  2. Love the nails :) was it time consuming?


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