Monday, October 1, 2012

Life Lately

{celebrated National Coffee Day with a delicious cappuccino}
Happy Monday! I don't know if you guys are Dexter fans, but that season premiere was INSANE!! I'm looking forward to an amazing season. On another note I cannot believe it's October 1st! It feels as though we were only hanging out at the beach a few days ago. Anyway, I hope to indulge in my favorite season by baking up some yummy fall desserts, going pumpkin picking and enjoying the mild weather. Hope you have a great week.
{loving Hot Coco by Essie} 
 {bought this new concealer by Maybelline and I LOVE it}
 {how amazing does Kate Hudson look on the October cover of Harper's Bazaar??}
{Chris read Jada to sleep with a whispering English accent - Pretty hilarious}

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  1. We are about 3 seasonsbehind on Dexter, lol. It is such a great series! I love the polish color, perfect for Fall!

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