Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Witches' Brooms

 Can you believe Halloween is just a week away?!  I'm all about making festive treats that do not take a long amount of time to prepare, but have a strong visual impact (as seen here), presentation is everything after all.  These little witches' brooms are salty, sweet, and chocolaty, always a winning combination in my book.  They are not only simple to make, but they will be a hit with all trick or treaters big and small.



  1. oh my gosh, sooo cute and creative!

  2. p.s. I forget if I told you how much I LOVE your new header! :)

  3. These are absolutely adorable!!!! Our oven broke recently and our new one doesn't arrive for another week!!! I'd love to try these for halloween!

    <3 Denise

  4. Interesting thoughts, I really enjoyed your blog


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