Thursday, March 14, 2013

Springtime Leather

{images via here and here}
You may be a little put off by one of spring 2013s biggest trends.  Why is that you ask?  Well, because it’s leather.  Normally popular during the fall and winter months, leather is making a big transition into spring as well.  I’m personally a huge fan of this trend.  I can see it now leather shorts, leather skirts, leather accessories, and of course leather jackets for those days that are still a bit chilly.  That just reminded me of a leather jacket from Superdry Chris saw and has not stopped talking about.  Guys, don’t feel left out!  There are some amazing leather pieces for everyone this spring.  Check out a few of my favorite leather looks for this coming spring...


  1. I. Love. Leatha. And love your picks.

    Unfortunately, living in the South doesn't always agree with Springtime/Summer leather. Sads!


  2. I love the leather skirts!!!
    there is something so fun about them



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