Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY: Fruit Salad Mani

The weather has been amazing lately.  Warmer weather heightens my cravings for fresh fruit.  This being said weekly trips to the farmers market are becoming more frequent.  After a recent farmer's market run I headed to the beauty supply store.  I must have had fruit on the brain because these adorable little guys caught my eye.  Of course I had to get them - we are talking about teeny, tiny fruit, people!  How could I resist!? Here is the play by play...
First, paint nails with a base color.  I chose a no name brand peach and seafoam.  I then dotted the nails I was placing the "fruit" on with Sally Hansen's nail art pen (um, best thing ever!). 
 Once polish is dry apply fruit in pattern/direction of your choice by dipping an orange stick in clear polish and adhering it to the nail. 
 Finish with top coat.  End result is a tasty mani.


  1. LOVE this Erica - so cute for summer! x

  2. um hi. this is adorable. thanks for the comment over at im following you! love it!
    xoxo janean

  3. Thank you for this tutorial! I am all about fruit fashion this Spring, lol. The nails are so cute, I need to hit the beauty supply stores soon!

    What Lola Wants

  4. This is so ace! I love the freshness of the colour!


  5. Amazing Nails!! LOVE x


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