Friday, July 6, 2012

Eye Candy of The Week

{This outfit makes me want to take a plane to Italy and roam the streets of Milan - OBSESSED!}
Happy Friday! This was an odd work week due to the mid - week holiday. I'm so ready to indulge in the weekend. Tonight we are going to one of my favorite Cuban restaurants to celebrate my birthday. Bring on the mojitos! Have a great weekend! XX
{Olivia KILLS it every time!}
 {a no fuss summer outfit that looks perfectly polished}
{bright yellow has been grabbing my attention lately}
{simple, sexy, and sophisticated}
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  1. Aw Happy Birthday!!
    Cuban restaurant are great! Are you dancing Salsa?

  2. Amazing Olivia's outfit.

  3. yep, i'm pretty convinced that olivia can do no wrong. completely love her outfit. and that little yellow number!!
    xo TJ


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