Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fonda Nolita

 I'd heard about Fonda Nolita a few years back and have been meaning to pay them a visit for what seems like forever. This past weekend I got to experience the gourmet Mexican street food they have to offer. Fonda Nolita is a carbon copy of a beachside taquería that launched five years ago in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Once a garage, now a concrete-floored space lined with dozens of folding tin-top backgammon tables and a vintage VW bus in the middle which serves up amazingly delicious tacos, tamales, tortas, tostadas and more. My sisters and I ordered some tacos, fresh guacamole con totopos (chips), and the refreshing agua de sandía (fresh watermelon juice). I forsee another trip to Fonda Nolita in the VERY near future that's for sure!

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  1. everything looks so delish!
    fab pictures too =)



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