Monday, August 29, 2011

Me, Chris, and Irene

 {Chris set up an emergency evacuation kit for us, complete with packs of Ramen}
 {setting up the blanket tent}
Luckily Irene wasn't the crazy b*tch we thought she would be and for this we are truly thankful. It rained quite a bit and the wind shook our windows, but the power remained on, everything stayed in place and there was no flooding or leaks in our apartment. The only damage around our neighborhood were a few tree limbs down here and there. Our weekend was spent inside. I made sangria, homemade pizza, and red velvet chocolate chip cookies while Chris set up our blanket tent. We watched a mini marathon of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (our new addiction; mine for the tackiness, Chris' for the bare knuckle fighting) while sipping sangria under our makeshift tent. It was nice to stay inside and just be together.


  1. Looks like a perfect week-end (minus Irene!)

  2. so glad you were safe and that there wasn't too much damage!


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