Monday, June 4, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

{gave myself an at home mani} 
Happy Monday, y'all! To say getting out of bed this morning was difficult would be a total understatement. Today's gloomy weather is ideal for staying under the covers, but duty calls. Had a great weekend; Spent time with our families and went strawberry picking for the first time ever. I'll share more about that experience tomorrow. In the meantime check out some shots from this past weekend...

 {made Minnie Mouse cakepops for a birthday party}

 {started my Sunday with a delicious Dominican breakfast and an amazing cafe con leche}

 {realized just how amazing the peacock is}

 {scoured the strawberry fields for the perfect picks}

{spent quality time with my Godson, Josiah- he's so stylin}

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