Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NK by Norma Kamali for Walmart

The other day I was browsing through Walmart when I came across the NK by Norma Kamali Collection. I knew that she designed a line for the store, but I had never seen it. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! Here are a few pics from the collection...

I ended up buying a racerback maxi dress for only $15.00! The material is super soft and the silhouette is very flattering. I'm thinking about pairing it with a wide studded belt. I will post some pics when I wear it.


  1. Love Walmart! They're moving up in the world of fashion! Their Max line is great too!

  2. These are adorable! It's nice to see some decent clothes at Walmart these days. Its refreshing! :)

  3. Wow - can't wait until you post pics of your purchase! Love that Walmart is stepping up their fashion game :)


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