Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Fun Day in BK

{scored this lovey necklace for $2.00!}
{got an Hermes inspired scarf at Atlantis Attic for $2.50}
I spent my Sunday shopping for bargains in Brooklyn with my husband, sister-in-law, and her boyfriend.  I love a great bargain so the first stop was the Fred Flare sample sale.  There I purchased this really pretty turquoise and gold statement necklace.  At only $2.00 it was a total steal.  We then went on to do some shopping at Atlantis Attic.  Had a great weekend!  How was yours?
*UPDATE* - Just found out the original price of the necklace and now I love it even more!


  1. That sounds like a great weekend! Wow, a $45 necklace for $2!!! Great work! It's adorable.


  2. $2!!! That is amazing. Turquoise is so in right now. Hopefully you can post pictures of you wearing it.

    :) Marcie

  3. Wow!! that was a good deal I wish I could find one like it would be AMAZING!!

    I am a new follower and would love for you to do the same if you like what you see!! xoxo

  4. This seems fun and great finds! I can't wait til my trip to NYC in august!

  5. OMG your so lucky you found that necklace for that about a reduction lol


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