Sunday, May 9, 2010

Art and Popsicles

{admiring art by T Dee}
{Pistachio Gelato w/chopped pistachios and chocolate/Coconut Gelato w/Shredded Coconut}

A few nights ago my husband and I went to an art opening in Soho. The show consisted of several different graffiti artists. It was pretty amazing to see the different styles and techniques each artist brought to the table.
*UPDATE* click here for more details on the show.
Since Popbar was only a few blocks away we decided to take a walk over there. It did not dissappoint at all. I chose the pistachio gelato and the hubster chose the coconut gelato. Um, delicious! It was super smooth and creamy. Everything is all natural so that is definitely an added bonus.
It was a great night. ; )


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