Thursday, June 24, 2010

Christian Louboutin Winter 2010 - 2011

I don't think I really need to explain myself, right?  The man is a genius.  Granted I just may break an ankle while trying to walk in these beauties, but look at them!  Aren't they the things shoe porn fantasies are made of?  Oh, Mr. Louboutin you can do no wrong in my eyes.  To see the entire winter 2010 - 2011 line click here.
{pics via Fashion Indie}


  1. Bridgets Back - they are my favorite!

    xo Lynzy

  2. I agree, Erica. The man is a genius! Every single shoe he makes is oustanding. I saw you on Fabsugar today, congrats!!! You look amazing and I love the skirt with those adorable sandals.


  3. I'm not sure either if I could walk in those killer heels but they're definitely amazing shoes!

  4. His shoes definitely give me shoegasms! Although lately whenever I hear Louboutin I think of the episode of Pretty Wild (the only episode I ever watched) where the one girl kept whining about when she went to trial she wasn't wearing 5" Louboutins, she was wearing 1" Bebe heels. Weird association, I know! Still amazing shoes :)

  5. wow, the shoes are fantastic.. like the rinana bis one..

    xoxo cla


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