Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike.

I've been all about riding my bike lately.  While on the search for the perfect bell and basket I stumbled upon these awesome bicycle accessories...
{The cutest bell ever}
{vintagey bike baskets}
{wasn't looking for a reflective pin, but now I want one}
{an intimidating bike lock}
{a comfy, yet cute saddle}
{I think I need this shopper in my life}
Do you have a bike?  If so, are you into "accessorizing" it?


  1. Don't have a bike -- not too good on things with wheels I'm afraid -- but that adorable bell and basket you feature sure make me want to change my mind just so I can justify buying them!

  2. I have a bike and I haven't used it in awhile. However, I always wanted to be that girl who rides her bike to the supermarket with the basket on the front. So cute <3

    XO Lynzy

  3. Omg these are so cute!


  4. These items are really cute, especially the bell!:D

    I don't have a bike, I don't know how to ride one. Sad, I know.
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  5. Erica, that bell is the cutest ever! I have a beach cruiser and I love it! I ride it everywhere during the summer (and sometimes during the winter too). I have a white metal basket that I love and Gabe bought me a horn that I haven't put on yet. Happy bike riding, fellow cancer! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!


  6. Oh this is cool! I like the reflective pin. I do have a bike, but my brakes arent working since almost last year and ive been so lazy to actually get them fixed. Anyway, I love putting all kinds of stuff to it. Ive been searching for the perfect basket to add on hehe

  7. I do have a bike and I love it so much...I got a cute new basket but I really want this bell now!!!!

    Great finds,darling:)

  8. I dont have a bike but these are great finds :) Very chic hun! xx

  9. These items are so CUTE. I need to learn how to ride a bike!!

    Leia's Delights

  10. i love that last basket! so i totally love my bike but it's a mountain bike that i used for mtn. biking when I was in the states. here I put a basket on it for grocery shopping (we don't have a car) and mark totally makes fun of what I did to a cool bike=) I have a bell and also front and back lights because I think that's how I make it legal...
    but...I am on a search now for a city bike!

  11. I love that bell!!!!!
    and the shopper is a total must girl =)



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