Thursday, July 29, 2010

Midsummer Melancholy

It's that time again!  When it's 90+ degrees out and the retailers already have their fall merchandise out on full display.  Personally this time makes me a little melancholy.  It means summer is almost over ; /
Before the summer officially ends I would like to...
{Enjoy a few more iced coffees}
{Spend a little more time at the beach}
{Get another mani/pedi in a brightly colored hue}
{Wear a few more sundresses}
{Ride my bike until sunset}
Are you over the summer yet?
pics via Karla's Closet, Cupcakes and Cashmere, NY Mag, The Glamourai, and What I Wore


  1. i knowwwww i don't want summer to end but because its been so rainy here it feels like it has!

  2. Look at those nails, love the variety of colors! <3

    xo Lynzy

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  3. I feel like I need a few more beach days, and a few more meals outdoors.
    LOve the pics!


  4. I want summer to stay for a bit longer...I am having such a wonderful time on my bike and I love wearing sundresses:)

    Kisses,sweetie and happy almost Friday:)

  5. No, I'm definitely not over summer yet! It still hasn't been very hot here, so I feel like summer hasn't really even started. It's so weird. But I want to make more trips to the beach too! Hopefully it warms up here soon.


  6. these pictures are absolutely fabulous! i love cupcakes and cashmere. thanks for stopping by my blog :) hope to see you there more often.

  7. Definitely NOT over summer. I love fall, but I LONG for summer come January! Fab pics.

    - annajane

  8. I will NEVER be over summer!! And I can't wait for JS tonight!!! GTL!!!!!

    xo Marcie

  9. Oh, I'm with you on the iced coffees! One of my favorite summer pre-work treats.

  10. We're heading out of the depths of I say bring on sunny days!
    Love the bright popping nail polish pic..

  11. Love that sun-dress and the nail poish:)


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